Sunday, October 25, 2015

How I decorated: Butterfly themed 1st birthday

  For my second daughter's first birthday I decided to go on a butterfly extravaganza first birthday, lol.  For whatever reason when she was born everything I got for her was butterfly themed, even her side of the nursery is butterfly themed.   So naturally I thought her first birthday was gonna be an explosion of butterflies.  

   I decided that I wanted to ago with the colors yellow, orange and pink and I went from there.  One of the first projects I did was to make a giant number one made completely out of butterflies.
I also made a banner with rosettes and attached them together with some silk ribbon.  The paper had a yellow butterfly print on it.

My next big project was to make a giant number one made out paper flowers using all three colors. I wanted to use this as a photo prop for her official first birthday photo shoot.

  I made an ruffle skirt for the cake table and high chair using crepe paper of all 3 colors.  I kept it short with the high chair.

  For my guest tables I used a flower print table cover and I glued butterfly cut outs on the top of it.  For centerpieces I actually just used some of my mason jars and filled them with orange striped straws.  Each straw had a butterfly tag in either yellow, orange or pink.

  For favors I had some butterfly themed cupcakes and sugar cookies made by Mimma's sweet creations.  I placed the butterfly shaped sugar cookies into a small butterfly net to make it look like my guests caught their own butterfly.  All throughout the table I also had butterfly topped bottles of bubbles with personalized labels.

Mimma's sweet creations

Mimma's sweet creations

Mimma's sweet creations

The cake (made by Cake-chef bakery) was covered in simple yellow, orange and pink buttercream flowers with just a touch of butterflies here and there. 

Cake-Chef bakery

  I hope you enjoy my decorations as much as I did.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Customer Pictures: Paula Rachel's College Graduation

     I love doing custom work.  To be able to create something specific to what a person envisioned and make their day is very satisfying. 

     These customer pictures are of custom work I made for my cousin Nilza.  She contacted me about her daughters college graduation and asked if I could come up with some favor boxes, centerpieces and cupcake toppers for the graduation party she was planning. 

     Her daughter graduated from Northeastern University and got her degree in mechanical engineering. The school mascot is a husky and the school colors are black and red. I instantly thought, what do all engineers and where do they keep their tools? a toolbox.  

     So for a favor box I made her some toolbox favor boxes in the school colors.  We filled them up with tool shaped gummy candies and some black and red chocolate coins that I labeled with the school mascot and school insignia.
On the favor box labels I added some latches to give it that extra detail to make it look like a real toolbox.
A sea of red and black toolboxes.
For centerpieces we were also thinking of toolboxes but I didn't want to make them the same as the favor boxes.  I did some research and saw these open style toolboxes which I named old school toolboxes.
I used some paper with a wood grain pattern on it to make it look like a real wooden toolbox.
Old school toolbox centerpiece.

    She filled the old school toolbox centerpieces with some plastic toy tools and a stuffed husky.

    I added some weights to the bottoms of the centerpieces so that she could tie some balloons to them.

    They decided to go with cupcakes instead of a cake so I made her some cupcake toppers with the universities husky logo and made half of the backings in black and the other half in red.
Mmm, cupcakes.
Custom cupcake toppers.
     I really enjoyed making these and more importantly the graduate loved all of it, yay.

Congratulations to all the 2015 graduates!

Friday, March 13, 2015

ETSY Finds: The Clover

      With this round of ETSY finds I was inspired by the upcoming St. Patrick's day and found some great goodies which feature the clover.  Click on the image to find out more about each item.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy Customer: Beth

     Beth contacted me because she was looking for some cute favor boxes to hand out at her cake decoration party.  She had seen that I have some candy shaped favor boxes and asked if I could make some in matching colors to a fabric she was using.  I was happy to help her and this was the end result.

     I'm glad she was happy with her favor boxes.  Here is the review she left at my shop.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy Customer: Pavani


    I just love when I am able to help someone out and get them exactly what they were looking for.  It's also nice to hear from them and get such lovely reviews.  
   Here is the latest review left on my shop.  She purchased the pink azalea dress favor box.  You can find it here.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

ETSY Finds: Gifts For Men

      One of the hardest things for me is to find a gift for my husband and my dad.  I guess mainly its because they pretty much have everything they could need (that I can afford) and they don't really have any hobbies.  

   My husband is a big sports fan but he's not really into collecting memorabilia and how many shirts and jerseys can you buy for a guy before he starts to get bored of them.

   So I found an assortment of items that I thought would be neat from a personalized bourbon barrel to a retro boombox belt buckle.  Click to learn more about them.

Click to learn more about each item.