Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Things we love: Paper fans as table decor.

paper fan used to make a table center piece
We love paper fans (also known as paper rosettes!)

The first time I ever made a paper fan was probably in elementary school. Now, many years later, paper fans are really on trend for home and party decorating.

I like to try and use things in different ways so this week I thought I'd share how I made a table marker with a paper fan and a printed image. It's simple to put together and you'll need very common supplies. I think these would be cute to use for table numbers at larger informal gatherings like school/church/community get togethers. They're also really nice for labeling the various areas you might have for guests like snacks and drinks. You could even use them as affordable table centerpieces. The piece I made for this specific tutorial is for the sweets table of a cowgirl themed birthday party.




Supplies to make a paper fan table decoration.

-1 image printed on card stock.
-4 pieces of cardstock with a pattern printed on them. (You can either print from your computer OR use card stock that already has patterns on them.)
-2 blank card stocks.
-Printer and Computer
-Bamboo skewer (not shown)
-Glue stick OR double sided tape.

For instructions, read more!


Step 1: From your computer, print out the image and message you would like your table marker to include. Try to keep it smaller than 8"X10". If you want to use this piece for a table center then use the t-shirt transfer option on your printer settings to print out the mirror image.

Step 2: Choose a pattern that you like for the fan and print it out onto 4 pieces of card stock. Make sure the pattern covers 8"x10". You can also use store bought scrapbook paper that already has patterns printed on them.

Step 3: Take one of the pieces of cardstock and lay it down in front of you. Lay it longest side facing you with the pattern side down. With the pencil and ruler measure every inch and make tiny marks on the left and right edges of the paper. 

Step 4: Using the pencil marks as guides, fold the paper up and down until you've created an accordion fold all across the page.

Step 5: Take the accordion and fold it in half.

Step 6: Apply adhesive to the new fold you've just created and stick together.
Step 7: Repeat steps 3 to 6 with the other 3 piece of pattern card stock.

Step 8: Once adhesive is dry, stretch the tips of the card stock to create the four quarters of the paper fan.

Step 9: Glue pieces of the fan together so you have two halves of a rosette. Set aside.

Step 10: From the spare piece of card stock cut out a T shape slightly shorter and thinner than your image. The top of the T should be a little less than 1" thick.

Step 11: Apply glue to the top of the T-shaped piece and attach to both fans making sure everything is centered and all edges match up.

Step 12: Take the image you printer earlier and cut it out. I decided to leave a small border around mine but you might decide otherwise depending on your own images.

Step 13: Trace the outline of the image onto a blank card stock and cut out.

Step 14: Apply adhesive to the back of your image and attach to the strip of paper sticking out from the fan.

Step 15: Cut skewer to size and place in hole in center of rosette where the four fans meet and prop up against back of image.

Step 16: Attach other piece of card stock to the back of your image. Make sure all edges are lined up and your image and the skewer remain straight. Use the palm of your hand to squeeze the pieces together.

Table paper fan finished product.


(Credits: Cowgirl clip art from Blackleaf Studios. Digital scrapbook paper from SourPunch Studio. )

What did you think? Is this something you might find useful for a future party? Maybe you have a few variations of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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