Thursday, July 18, 2013

How I decorated: Baptism 7/7/2013

On July 7th, 2013 my sister and her husband hosted a celebration for the baptism of their first child, Maya Ellie! The event was hosted at a local restaurant and we invited our closest family and friends to celebrate!

The theme for the party was 'La Virgencita'. I based it around 4 colors; fuschia, pink, lime green and white.

More pics of decorations and party favors behind the cut.

This is the area we designated for the cake and picture time. Since the restaurant had a wall of mirrors I used suction cup hooks to hand a curtain rod and hang fuschia curtains. I designed and cut the banner with the phrase 'God Bless Maya Ellie' from colored cardstock and put the three layers together (the background, middle ground and letter) with double sided foam tape to add depth and make it three dimensional vs flat. Two small lime green paper fans were placed on the sides and a large pink paper fan in the middle with art of la virgencita in the center. The art I used was created by grafos. We also added balloons on both sides and at the entrance to the room.

Close up of the banner. I threaded white string to put the entire banner together.

Here is the cake table. The cake was made by Cake Chef Bakery with the same image of la virgencita. We used the party favors as decorations around the cake. These are our butterfly rosary dress favor boxes with special colored rosaries.

 Here is a shot of the dining hall with our table centerpieces. At the center table I also added a large pink paper fan.

Here are the centerpieces we created for the party. We took a glass and placed a piece of foam at the bottom. Then we covered the foam with tissue paper and filled the glass the rest of the way with rocks. We wrapped a green ribbon around the glass and finished it with a paper cross medallion. My sister made a paper flower pom pom and stabbed it through the center of the foam. All around we added whirly pops with la virgencita stickers matching back to the theme. On the back we had stickers with a picture of Maya and tied a fuschia ribbon to each lollipop stick. We made enough lollipops so that each guest could take a special lollipop home with them after dinner!

A close up of our special lollipops. Our guests really loved them.

A close up of our favor boxes. We attached a small thank you sticker with each guests name to the ribbon. Inside each favor box were white (coconut flavored) and red (raspberry flavored) jelly beans! The finger rosaries can also be worn as bracelets.

All in all the day was fabulous and we really enjoyed sharing this special time with family and friends. :D


  1. Thanks for sharing! This serves as my decor inspiration for my Child's Christening =)

    1. Glad we could help you find inspiration! And congratulations on your child's Christening. :D